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Learner-centric, convergent, quick, reliable, and secure.

  • Student Portal
  • Staff Back-Office
  • Parents Portal
  • Live Classes & Meetings
  • E-sign & Document Management
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in Education

Education cannot stop. The future depends on it.

Student Portal

A platform that allows you to virtually access your institution.

Parents Portal

From a single portal, you'll have real-time access to all of your students.

Staff Back-Office

Synchronous & asynchronous education with a student information management system

Live Classes & Meetings

Live Video Chat, Conference, Live Class, Meeting, Webinar, Whiteboard, File Transfer, Chat.

E-sign & Document Management

A legally enforceable and entirely auditable process of signing documents for you.


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Some Features.

Timetable A calendar that organises students and teachers into classrooms and time intervals throughout the school day.
Attendance Registry A tool for tracking a student's, teacher's, or employee's daily attendance.
Check In/Out Access to a specific place or building can be restricted or allowed.
Online Tests & Assessments A one-of-a-kind online platform for large-scale assessments and content creation.
Exam Results All students will be able to view the results of their final exams and assessments.
Courseware & Library Library circulation of educational materials & kits for students, teachers and/or trainers.
Banking, Accounts & Billing Bank integration, creating and sending invoices to clients, and requesting payment.
Enrollments & Classes Making certain that students are registered for the course for which they applied and assigning them to courses.
Email, SMS & WhatsApp Communicate in the following modes: passive, aggressive, passive-aggressive, and assertive.
Facilities & Assets Allows you to track several asset classes, including office equipment, furniture, lab equipment, and even corporate artwork.
DHET Integration Exam data management and submission to the Department of Higher Education and Training.
SASAMS Integration The South African School Administration and Management System seamless link.

Technology in Education

Learner-centric, quick, reliable, and secure.
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